Congratulations !

So, you've decided that you want more storage space, you want to enhance the look of your room, and brighten up the area? Well, Congratulations because Sliding Wardrobes are the best decision that you could make!

Sliding Wardrobes not only allow you to use every inch of space available, but they allow you to bring in light and space by using Coloured Glass, Mirror and Wood Finishes. Sliding wardrobes allow you better use of Internal layout and design, they eliminate the need for Hinged Doors sticking out into the room, and also allow you better light into your wardrobes so you can actually see what's inside ble ble!


I can measure it !


To simply get quote and plan we will need basic measurements of the room . The only numbers we need at this stage is length of the wardrobe .First do a small measure on the area from left to right,

  • The minimum recommended length of the wardrobe 1500mm/60inch however, we can make any size.
  • The mimimum depth of the wardrobe with hanging space is 600mm. For smaller depth we can use pull-out rails or side shelving.

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Once we understand your requirements, we’ll help you choose the right products.

We’ll bring your design to life using specialist software.

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