Surface Textures

Striking effect due to the exact coordination of decor and texture. Here you can see all textures at a glance.

ST2 Smoothtouch Pearl

A mini-pearl texture, with a medium gloss level. This surface is robust, very durable and is best used with uni and pearlescent colours.

ST9 Smoothtouch Matt

Used with uni colours and woodgrains offering a very soft and natural feel. This texture supports the trend for matt surfaces.

ST10 Deepskin Rough

A highly authentic and realistic texture for solid wood and material reproductions.

ST12 Omnipore Matt

This is an all-over pore with irregular distribution of linear pores, and pores of various depths, which gives the surface its natural look. A light sub-structure provides this surface with a velvety, pleasant touch.

ST15 Smoothtouch Velvet

A smooth, flat surface finish with low gloss levels and low maintenance. Works well with a wide variety of woodgrains and material reproductions.


A deep brushed finish with a matt-gloss linear grain. This offers a realistic surface for linear woodgrain colours, giving them more naturalness and depth.

ST27 - exquisite grain effect || ST30 - High Gloss

58 Laminated Board Colours

18mm Laminated board is a perfect material for different types of furniture. A wide offer of decors and structures allows to precisely fit and design aesthetic and durable solutions for exceptional interiors.

Lacobel Glass Doors

Lacobel is a coloured back painted glass range that is commonly used in a number of decorative installations in the home and workplace.